Raising funds for Jamaica School Resources

The simplest and quickest way individuals can help is by providing a donation which we will be truely grateful for. However, often much more can be achieved by organising and participating in fund raising events.

Fund raising events can be undertaken by individuals and/or groups and can be fairly simple to arrange such as a sponsered silence, swim, run etc. or can be be more complex to organise such as a dinner dance. An easy one to organise is a non-school uniform day. Our connection with education makes this ideal.

We greatly appreciate anyone who gives up their time in order to raise funds on our behalf. If you have an idea and you would like to help then please contact Charmayne Morgan or complete the “Offer Of Help” form.

Join us.

If you would like to join us in helping the children of Jamiaca reach their potential please complete the form below to offer your help in anyway.

Offer of help form.