School Food Voucher Scheme – 2nd Phase

The following schools are involved in the second phase.



Ferris Primary


Inverness Primary


Haddo Primary and Infant

St. Ann

Lower Buxton

St. Ann

Central Branch Primary


Richmond Park Primary


A big thank you to Delwyn Gordon in Jamaica who has dedicated his time to contacting a number of School’s principals to participate in the Voucher scheme.

This is very difficult and time consuming task to coordinate. Firstly the Principals are contacted to identify pupil/s in their School needing essential support and then to contact the parents of the children involved. The Principals then have to work towards engaging their local shop owners to exchange food for the voucher/s. A big thank you to all involved.

I will let you know the outcome of the second phase when we have achieve our goal.

Our task is to support families and make Children ‘lives better’. Please direct Family and Friends to our website.

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