School Food Voucher Scheme Update

Given the harsh economic downturn resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Jamaica School Resources Voucher Scheme Project came at an opportune time to provide the sort of support that the recipients would need to cope with the challenges in accessing food. The families which were identified by the respective school principals hail from deep rural communities where oftentimes they are neglected.

A total of eight Primary schools were selected across five parishes with each school receiving three vouchers. St. Catherine, the parish with the most confirmed cases of COVID-19, was under lock down for fourteen days, hence our rationale for spreading the support across three schools in this parish.

Based on reports received from some of the participating schools, the recipients were very appreciative of this initiative and convey their heart felt gratitude to Jamaica School resources and affiliated sponsors for putting a smile on their children’s faces during such depressing time.

News of the Jamaica School Resources initiative spread throughout the communities like wild fire which led to a number of parents calling in to enquire of the availability of more vouchers as they were in dire need.

The following schools recieved 3 vouchers each.



Ashley Primary & Infant


Richmond Park Primary


Boston Primary & Infant


Middleton Primary

St. Mary

Top Jackson Primary & Infant

St. Catherine

St. Faiths Primary

St. Catherine

Simon Primary

St. Catherine

Ramble Primary


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